Aviation Movie - Level 1

Hi Walkers! As you guys know, gaming is one of my passions. I have been thrilled to share this side with you in many ways this year, including my latest project, “The Aviation Movie”. Are you ready to proceed to Level 2?

- Alan


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Writer//Director: Kristian Berg
Concept: Alexander Zarate Frez
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve
Cinematography: Pål Rønnevik & Morten Forsberg
Editors: Alexander Zarate Frez & Kristoffer Archetti
Produced by MER Content

Special Thanks:
Oslo Spektrum
Nordic Live
Paradigm Talent Agency
Sonic City
Laser Image
HelloThere Games


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  • enemy
    enemy9 дней назад

    I see those tears in your eyes I feel so helpless inside ohh love it's no need to hide just let me when your heart is tired ❤

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