Aviation Movie - Intro

Here it is, the intro of the Aviation Movie! This project has been a dream to me and I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for your continued support in all these projects. I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as the team and I enjoyed creating it!

Remember, if you crash... the game is over. Watch Level 1 to find out what happens next!


⬇ Download “The Aviation Game”


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Writer//Director: Kristian Berg
Concept: Alexander Zarate Frez
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve
Cinematography: Pål Rønnevik & Morten Forsberg
Editors: Alexander Zarate Frez & Kristoffer Archetti
Produced by MER Content

Special Thanks:
Oslo Spektrum
Nordic Live
Paradigm Talent Agency
Sonic City
Laser Image
HelloThere Games


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    Yea, i can wait for this your movie is very nice

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    Lol I love how all the creativity is based around the AW logo.

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    Información para los despiertos 200 transnacionales tienen el dinero del 75% del planeta y quieren maxxx ---- la luna es artificial + los E.T --- etc estamos dentro de un vídeo juego pasando niveles de consciencia ?? --- yo ya se mucho mucho mucho despierta ***

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    Siempre nos hablas del futuro desde faded y antes

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    I'm from Russia, I'm very bad speak of English, but your sound and tracks very good, I'm you fans, I'm hope visit you concerts, sorry my English 😁 написал от души, переводчиком не пользовался, так что не очень обсуждайте 🤪

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    Крутящий момент


    5:46 *FUN FACT:* This is Marshmello remix of sing me to sleep. I never knew Alan Walker would put this remix to this Aviation intro Well I guess it's because this remix have a lot of energy and vibe and I guess that's what Alan Walker wants for this scene So to all of you guys that don't know From 5:08 - 5:45 is the original sing me to sleep The rest is Marshmello remix Well, I guess Marshmello himself will love this scene because he would be happy to know that Alan Walker put his remix to good use By the way, Good intro Alan. I am excited to watch the trailer and all the levels of the Aviation movie

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