Alan Walker x Imanbek - Sweet Dreams (Trailer)

Walkers, hope you are ready to join us to the next level of Walker Racing League. This time I teamed up with the talented @Imanbek Music . Check out the full video up on my channel!

Get ready for a crazy summer!

- Alan


// LYRICS // Alan Walker x Imanbek - Sweet Dreams // LYRICS //

You’re like the mist
In the morning
You’re a moment
Body warming

I can’t resist
Where you going
Make me an ocean
Overflow it

Sweet dreams of your love
Keeping me up
Can’t get enough
Sweet dreams of your touch
Do what you want
Just keep it up
To the rhythm of the
Bee bap -

As they roll in
As they’re growing
Can’t control ‘em

Caught in a haze
Up on the ceiling
You got me feeling
I must be dreaming

Sweet dreams of your love
Keeping me up
Can’t get enough
Sweet dreams of your touch
Do what you want
Just keep it up
To the rhythm of the
Bee bap -


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Produced by MER Content

Director: Mads Neset
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve
DoP: Mark Hobz
Production Coordinator: Madeleine Kviljo
Original score: James Daniel Njie Eriksen



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    Hey Alan, just wanted to know what yow are working on for your next song!! And can I please give you some help? Obviously, I am a noob in this and know that probably you will never see it, I can help in making great melodies. I know you can do this yourself better but please give me this chance!!🙄🙄 I am a 13 years old. And you also started fascination in music when you were a kid right? Please don't break my hope please 🙄🙄

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