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Walkers, for this song I wanted to create a video together with some of the greatest gamers I know. This is our tribute to the videos that made so many of us fall in love with gaming and music. This is the Believers best kill montage.

- Alan

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// LYRICS // Alan Walker x Conor Maynard - Believers // LYRICS //

They said I needed something in my life
Said I was doing dumb shit all the time
Cause broken dreams won’t pay your bills at all

I heard it was the wrong things I get right
I blame it on the monsters in my mind
With stories from outside these prison walls

Cause even if we’re hopeless
And we know that this will hurt
Tomorrow is just a word
And they can’t control

Let’s raise a toast, enjoy the show
So incomplete, yet all we need
Let’s raise a toast, enjoy the show

I said I wouldn’t run but I’m terrified
headed for the sun but I’m scared of heights
So you and me go falling through the dark

You told me be someone that I like
Instead of being someone in their eyes
Your battle scars make you look like a star

Cause even if we’re hopeless
We know that this will hurt
Tomorrow is just a word
They can’t control

Let’s raise a toast, enjoy the show
Believers, so incomplete
Yet all we need
Let’s raise a toast, enjoy the show

Want you to know that
They can’t control it
Want you to know that
They can’t control it
Want you to know that
They can’t control it
Want you to know that
They can’t control it
No they can’t control

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